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Please note that the first treatment includes an in depth health questionnaire and lifestyle consultation before we start the reflexology or bodywork treatments, and so hands on time is less initially in 1st treatment.



Prioritising your wellbeing and self-care is essential, and those who make a commitment get better outcomes, so to help you make that journey of self-care I offer the following packages on all my treatments. 


4 sessions - paid upfront will be sold at a 5% discount 

6 sessions- 10% discount

10 sessions - 15 % discount

20 sessions - 20% discount

GIFT VOUCHERS are available, and these can sent electronically and printed at home, they are always a welcome gift. 


1hr - £60

A deep and nourishing session - clearing blocked energy, shifting patterns and nourishing the system with a holistic approach and bespoke attention to your needs. 1st session includes medical/ lifestyle consultation which takes 15 min.

Floral Reflexology - 

90 mins - £90

Reflexology with Flower Essences - combines the use of flower essences via the reflex and meridian points for enhanced energy medicine, includes essence to take home. Essence blend is dowsed and up to 4 essences.  

(N.B- after initial session we will have created a specific blend for you that can be used topically in subsequent reflexology sessions. so you get repeated benefit of floral reflexology with no extra cost after initial consultation session. Highly recommended).

Reflexology & Spiritual Healing Ritual -

allow up to 2 hours  - £125

A deep dive healing ritual just for you - includes reflexology and spiritual healing session. These sessions are done in a ritual setting and include consultation, 30 min reflexology and integration. These sessional often very profound and are up to 2 hours. 

Womb healing - first session is 2 hours, follow up are 1 hour or 90mins.

Spiritual Healing Treatment 

allow up to 2 hours  - £120

Can be done in person on a version can be down online at distance.

Plus you bring a bunch of Roses or Mixed flowers/ herbs to these treatments. These sessions are done in a ritual setting and include consultation, guided healing and integration. These sessional often very profound and are up to 2 hours. 

Flower Essences Treatment 

60 mins - £60 or 45mins - £45

1st session 60 mins follow ups 45 mins. In person or online (add £5 for postage for online sessions).  These healing sessions invite clarity on your life . You will connect to the wisdom of yourself with the support of guidance from me and the wisdom of the spirit of plants. Includes full lifestyle consultation and energy healing.

Other quick flower essence options: 

  • Choose your own blend of 3 (£18 Including postage) (go to shop to purchase)

  • Quick 15 min consultation 3 essences chosen via dowsing.  £28 (including postage)

The Path of Blossoming - Nourish the Flowering Soul 

£590  over 3 months online or in-person.

A deeper dive 3 month process of self-care and development to empower you. Combining flower essences, plant spirit support with guided coaching and spiritual healing. We dive a bit deeper and take the time to set intentions and make lasting shifts. Supporting you with energetic clearing of learnt negative patterns in your energetic body. Supporting you with positive energies, guidance from the plants and focused space to support for the beauty  you wish connect with in your life. This journey is 3 months and includes x2 flower essence consultation and take home  blends, bi-weekly coaching session and/or bodywork sessions , spiritual healing ritual and welcome and closing ceremonies and regular text contact .

Nature Based Counselling

60 mins - £60

Discover your deeper self through connection to the Land, seasons, cycles and medicine wheel, to walk the beauty way guided by your own sense of aliveness.



These sessions are held in various forms and appointment length depends on the form of work. I am able to let you know the cost once we know the form of the work - call for a chat to discuss. Usually it is priced to cover costs and a donation for the work.


I offer some concessions to those who are unable to afford full price so do not allow lack of funds stop you contacting me.

Make a booking

Just give me a ring or drop me an email to arrange an appointment time.  Please leave a message if I am with clients, I will return your call just as soon as I can.

Payments by bank transfer before your appointment is preferred. I am also happy to take cash payment whilst you are here.


If you would like more information or would like to discuss the possibilities of working together you are welcome to get in touch.

by phone - 07806500392

Home visit prices vary and London prices vary - London location TBC


Cultures of Care - Concessions available on request - for those on low incomes, difficult family budgets, refugees, full time students and those who need help and can't afford right now. I have a number of monthly places free or at highly discounted cost.

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