Please note that the first treatment is always longer by 15 minutes as I take a full medical consultation, and after that follow up treatments are shorter. 

With reflexology we do recommend 1 session a week for 4 weeks and then review the impact. With any conditions and patterns healing takes consistency and for the most effective results and changes the professional recommendation is to have a number of sessions to begin with.  There is a discount for booking 4 sessions at once.


£45 a session (the first session is  75 mins the following sessions are approx 50 minutes).

Package offer- book 4 sessions for £160. (£20 discount)

Add to any reflexology session a bespoke flower essence blend bottled up for you to take home made for you £15.

Pamper Package - includes reflexology treatment and spiritual healing session - £65 (1.5 hours)

Make it extra special! Reflexology treatment, spiritual healing and bespoke flower essence - £75

Flower Essences 

  • Full treatment session - £45 In-person or Online - add £5 postage for the essence to be sent. (1st sessions an hour following sessions are 45 mins)

  • Choose your own blend of 3 (£15 Including postage)

  • Quick 15 min consultation.  £25 (including postage) 

For purchasing pre-made blends or choosing your own head to the shop here.

Arvigo Spiritual Healing and Rose Healing Treatments 

1.5 hours. £65 in person on a version can be down online at distance.

Plus you bring a bunch of Roses or Mixed flowers/ herbs to these treatments.

Eco- Therapy Coaching 

£45 an hour - 



These sessions are held in various forms and appointment length depends on the form of work. I am able to let you know the cost once we know the form of the work - call for a chat to discuss. Usually it is priced to cover costs and a donation for the work.


I offer some concessions to those who are unable to afford full price so do not allow lack of funds stop you contacting me.


If you would like more information or would like to discuss the possibilities of working together you are welcome to get in touch.

by phone - 07806500392