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Discover more about all the treatments here click on any of the treatment images below to find out more and prices can be found here. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch.



What happens in a treatment?

During your treatment we work together to look at your current situation and identify a treatment plan which suits your needs. Whether it's a one off treatment or a series of regular sessions, we will look at your personal situation in order to find the best way forward. Taking into account emotional, mental and physical issues and the relationship between these areas - I bring a combination of techniques to support you. With reflexology we do recommend 1 session a week for 4 weeks and then review the impact. With any conditions and patterns healing takes consistency and for the most effective results and changes the professional recommendation is to have a number of sessions to begin with.  


A space to receive. This healing process encourages you to develop understanding of what you need to maintain your health and wellbeing and how to empower your hopes and dreams in this challenging and beautiful life. 


Most people leave a session feeling clear, relaxed, centered more aware and connected.

For full details treatment please look below at the different services available. Please note that the first treatment I take a medical/lifestyle consultation, the session is still an hour but part of taht time is consultation period, follow up treatments have less initial talk time. You can combine Reflexology with flower essences. I bring all my tools to the session to support your healing journey.

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Like acupuncture, reflexology works on balancing the energy meridians of the body through activating reflex points on the feet. 

- Stimulates nerve supply and nerve energy to body enhancing energy and vitality.

 -Promotes homeostasis and aids the stress response.

- Supports holistically to help a person’s own healing energy resolve imbalances and health conditions.

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