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Flower essences for children


Flower essences are particularly helpful for children. They are gentle and effective and children respond well to the flowers. Children's consultations are done in a creative, playful and lighthearted way that resonates with childrens imagination. Where as adults may be able to verbalise how they are, children respond to the essences in a playful manner. To create a blend for a child, the care giver of that child can share the situation to the practitioner and this info is combined with the child's input to inform what essences will be most helpful to the situation. The child will be invited to explore the flower essences that they are attracted to from a beautiful selection of colourful picture cards of the Bach flower essences. This process reveals intuitively what plant essence the child would benefit from. A flower essence consultation is hugely therapeutic and gives the child space to be held and receive healing attention and love.  A bottle with a special label with the child's bespoke remedy, sparks the imagination and becomes part of positive and healthy ritual of wellbeing. For children who prefer not to engage directly with the pictures, an essence can be dowsed and introduced that way.

Image by Marcus Wallis


Ellie Rose has a post graduate diploma in Early Years Development & foundation in Play Therapy from Roehampton and experience as a nanny and children's centre teaching assistant. Working with children takes a sensitive approach and children respond well to her caring and empathic nature.

Image by Caroline Hernandez (unsplash stock photo)
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