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What Clients Are Saying 

My flower essences session with Ellie was such a healing, nourishing, respectful and generous experience. Ellie has enormous knowledge, integrity, wisdom, intuition, and kindness of heart. She has a uniquely beautiful way about her, that creates the perfect safe container in which to bring tender issues to light such that they can be witnessed, wisely contextualised, and tended to in a gentle healing customised way. Ellie works with the utmost integrity in order to ensure this sense of clarity, focus and safety around the session. In addition her relationship with the plants is a beauty to behold! The way she is able to match the plants with the need at hand is a tremendous skill, full of love and is healing in itself. Ellie has gained her skills throughout a lifetime of dedicated training, in medicine schools and of course in the school of life; she really is a rare medicine woman. If you are thinking of approaching Ellie for a session, I’d say absolutely go for it, give yourself that gift, I am certainly very grateful I did, and I would like to return for more.

Lucy Hinton

I booked a flower essence and coaching session with Ellie and was very impressed. It gave me clarity, emotional healing and since the session have had so much good luck. Since the session also earned more income, have more peace and joy in my heart and the flower essence that I take every day keeps me feeling like I am balanced and in alignment with my life purpose. I highly recommend Ellie and her services to those that want to heal and improve their quality of life in all ways.

Gwion Jacob

I have had the privilege of being treated by Ellie in a variety of ways. Her intuitive nature regards to healing is impressive, as she always works with such integrity. I received a flower essence treatment which really made a difference to me well being. I recommend Ellie as a healing practitioner. She is trustworthy and vastly experienced in the healing arts.

Katie Rose

Ellie has a beautiful way. She shares a soft and giving nurture that undemanding supports me to open and receive. I feel her knowledge embodied in her. She offers from a place of love and her experience is rich. When receiving a flower remedy session with her, I sensed a deep bond connecting her to the nature, spirit and wisdom of plants she works with, enchanting her magic and gifting fluency in her practice.

Chloe Wykes

Ellie has a cosmic cottage style which invites and allows you to traverse dimensions. A place of meeting and harnessing my innate and sovereign gifts in her cosy yet firm presence, I reemerge with glow restored and hope for humanity and empowered kinship.

Nat Santana

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