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Reconnecting to a positive relationship to self and the Earth. A journey of enquiry, transformation and connection to feed the spirit and plant your soul back in the Earth.

Sacred Earth Pathways Coaching is on offer for those who want to go on a journey of soul purpose. You will be mentored and directed into the realms of animistic, embodied spirit, Earth cycles and soul purpose. 


The focus of the Sacred Pathways Coaching is to support you to connect with your own deepest heart and to do the sacred work of learning to tend to this Life with beauty. 

Sacred Pathways is a journey of empowerment - with the Water, Earth, Plants, Animals and Nature Spirits as companions as we re-discover right relationship with ourselves and the non-human world.  Through connection to the teachings of the Medicine Wheel, ceremony, story, song, the drum and much more learn to discover and embody your own unique gifts to embrace self-love so you can fully witness your truest life purpose and gifts. 

Sacred Pathways Coaching can be 1- to 1 mentoring and there are also a number of group programmes, which offer those who like to learn in a group , a highly economical option for study. New groups starting will be announced.


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