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Balance Your Energies - Give Thanks to the Earth

Personal ceremony is a powerful way to build good relationships with the natural world, strengthen your spirit, heal, connect to phases of the Earth and mark different stages of your own life. Ceremonies include- 'marriage' blessings, baby namings, new mother/baby blessings, grief and honouring big experiences, asking for vision and guidance, develop a relationship with the Land, blessing a new home, birthdays, giving thanks, and ancestral honouring. You will be supported by an experienced ceremonialist who will work with you to offer a ceremony held especially for you.


Ceremonies are donation based contribution.

The guidance on this is that you would cover the basic costs related to the ceremony and make a donation as a gift to the ceremonialist for their work.

Please feel free to discuss anything initially to help guide you.

Community ceremonies will be listed in events. Ceremony is our way to connect to the seasons of the year, to listen to the wisdom of the Fire, the Water the Earth, the Plants, the way to feed Spirit, talk to the non-human world and honour all things.

Ceremony is priceless and so we cannot apply a price. No one would be turned away for a lack of funds.