Everything is alive and has spirit in the living natural world.

It is said by many that the modern worldview profoundly misunderstands nature – that we have "unsouled" it and deny its intelligence – and thus have given ourselves the right to tyrannize it. It is clear that this misunderstanding needs addressing... If you feel like learning more about your relationship to the Earth, how the flow of energy between you and the Water, the Fire, The Air, the flowers and plants is essential to good health, please stay in touch.  You can discover this connection and build the beauty of this relationship, to nurture yourself and honour all Sacred living beings. 

How do we come into greater balance with the Earth and ourselves? When we work with the natural qualities of self and balance our relationships with the Earth, we learn the two are intertwined. Ceremony can help us to connect with our deeper wisdom.


Ceremony is our way to connect to the seasons of the year, to listen to the wisdom of the Fire, the Water the Earth, the Plants, the way to feed Spirit, talk to the non-human world and honour all things - It is our sacred way and the way back home to a healthy relationship with the Earth. Ceremony is a way to communicate with life, to connect with our spirit and to learn to be here. Human beings are a part of the whole web of life, and we honour the great mystery through the energy that we give, the offerings we make, and the beauty that we make.  Community ceremonies organised by Awen Healing Arts will be listed in events.

How do we come into greater balance with ourselves and how do we connect with our deeper wisdom? We want changes in our lives, but often we don’t know where to start or how to do the inner work needed to get to the place of deeper self -knowing. How do we get back into a deeper relationship with the Earth and listen to the wisdom of the Land?


Empowered by Nature healing sessions work with Earth-based spiritual practices. Depending on the personal intentions we will use healing tools, such as sacred song, soul retrieval, 'limpias' (aura cleansing), work with dreams, drum journeying and connecting with the Land. Working with the teachings of the Medicine Wheel, as a tool of self-discovery, we will discover how to balance your relationship with the energies of the Earth. These sessions combine personal discovery with ancient wisdom ways in order to nourish your spirit and your connection to the AWEN – the spark of life.  

To book a session of find out more please contact Ellie. 

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