Image by Jonny Gios


Balance and Connect

Empowered by Nature healing sessions work with Earth based spiritual practices. Depending on the personal intentions we will use healing tools, such as ritual, sacred song, soul retrieval, 'limpias' ( aura cleansing), work with dreams, animals guides, deep guided meditation, connecting with the body wisdom, energy connection, drum journeying and connecting with the Land and Spirit. Working with the teachings of the Medicine Wheel, as a tool of self discovery, we will discover how to balance your relationship with the energies of the Earth. We can explore ancestral connection and ways to honor ancestral lines. These sessions combine personal discovery with ancient wisdom ways in order to nourish your spirit and your connection to the AWEN – spark of life.


45 hour session is £45 - £65

1.5 hr - £65 - £85

(first session is longer for an initial deeper consultation)

1st session must be done in person and follow up sessions can be in person or online.