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A journey of enquiry, transformation and connection to feed the spirit and plant your soul back in the Earth.

In a time when we have become so out of sync with the movements, seasons and wisdom of nature, more and more people are remembering and returning to their relationship to the natural world to as a source of great comfort, connection and understanding . This way of working with Awen Healing will hold you as you deepen your love for life through a reconnecting to a positive relationship to self and the Earth.

Balance and Connect to your Life with Nature as your Teacher

Eco - therapy coaching sessions work with Earth based traditions and spiritual practices. Working with the teachings of the Medicine Wheel, as a tool of self discovery, we will welcome these teachings to guide you on your life path, and bring in a practical awareness of how one can walk in balance in good relationship with self and inter-connected with the web of life. This coaching guides you to walk in beauty.


People are longing to liven better balance in themselves but also with nature. The oldest healing practices in the world are shamanic - that is to say there is it is spiritual reciprocity that has its roots in connection with the spirit of the land, animals and natural energies. These are all alive and humans are in constant relationship with these sacred powers of life. 


Getting to know the natural powers of the elements, and tend to these within us can be a great source of insight, healing and personal awareness and joy. 


Depending on the personal intentions we will use healing tools, such as ritual, sacred song, soul retrieval, 'limpias' ( aura cleansing), work with dreams, animals guides, deep guided meditation, connecting with the body wisdom, energy connection, drum journeying and connecting with the Land and Spirit to help you nurture your life and know your personal power, vision and dream of life. 

There can be time out in nature, ceremony and reflection - the shape , form and direction of this work will flow organically.


We can explore ancestral connection and ways to honor ancestral lines. These sessions combine personal discovery with ancient wisdom ways in order to nourish your spirit and your connection to the AWEN – spark of life.

Who is this for?

Eco - Therapy Coaching is on offer for those who want to go on a journey of soul purpose. You will be mentored and directed into the realms of animistic, embodied spirit, Earth cycles and soul purpose. 


The focus of this is to support you to connect with your own deepest heart and to do the sacred work of learning to tend to this Life with beauty. 

Eco - Therapy coaching is a journey of empowerment - with the Water, Earth, Plants, Animals and Nature Spirits as companions as we re-discover right relationship with ourselves and the non-human world.  Through connection to the teachings of the Medicine Wheel, ceremony, story, song, the drum and much more learn to discover and embody your own unique gifts to embrace self-love so you can fully witness your truest life purpose and gifts. 

Eco - therapy Coaching can be 1- to 1 mentoring and there are also a number of group programmes, which offer those who like to learn in a group , a highly economical option for study. New groups starting will be announced.


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