Medicine of Flowers 

Dreaming with Hibiscus &  the Spirit of the Land

Discover Hibiscus Medicine and the power of flower essences, medicine wheel teachings and ceremony.


Plants are great healers, great restorers of balance, and in particular, the spirit of plants has a special capacity to touch and heal the spirit of human beings.


So in this retreat we learn to meet and listen to the spirits of hibiscus and to learn what medicine they have to offer you. We will gather to connect and honour the Sacred and call life into good balance.


We will nurture our capacity to dream

with the Land and root ourselves in

the natural power and beauty

of being alive.



In this retreat there will be a weaving of activities to deepen your relationship with the Plant spirit. Spirit of plants can be strong medicine and touch us deeply.



We will approach plant spirit through the support of the beautiful practices of drum journeying, discovering flower essences, making offerings, hibiscus tea ceremony, dreaming with the spirit of the land, embodied yoga practice, crafting a dream bundle and a temezcal with flower cleansing


What will this workshop bring? 


- Invite the wisdom of hibiscus into your awareness to strengthen your inner fire and the flower in your heart

- Clear and renew your vital energy 

- Experience connecting with the spirit of the land and plants 

- Discover the joy of being on your soul path

- Nurture yourself with a rooted connection to heart and hands

- Embody your spirit and ground into your sacred body with yoga 



Medicine wheel – There are many wheels and medicine wheel teachings hold a way of seeing, a remembering to guide us back into good relationship with the Earth and ourselves. 


Deep listening - learning to enter the dreaming through gentle ritual and journeying, to connect our inner landscape to the messages of the Earth for guidance and unlocking inner wisdom.


Prayer and intentions - Inviting our dreams and prayers to guide us and hold us. 


Connecting hearts and hands - remembering with our hearts and hands with ritual crafting making hibiscus dreaming bundles.


Reciprocity - We will delve deep to make an offering of thanks to this plant spirit and remember to give back to the land with our creativity and offerings. 


Embodying wisdom - Grounding our spirits through the body, allowing spiritual energy to move with healthy vitality through embodiment and yoga practice 


Renewing the Spirit - There will be a temezcal with spiritual flower cleansing. Inviting gratitude and renewal, cleansing our energy with natures goodness.

Casa Arkana, Chemuyil, Mexico 


Whats Included?

2 days of teaching, all materials, ceremonies  & temezcal.

Accommodation 1 night in beautiful space, Nutritious meals, Return transportation from Tulum.



If you don't have WhatsApp please email me to arrange booking. 


Retreat options:

Private ensuite - $400

Double Ensuite $360

Private Casita $370

Double Casita $345

without accommodation $320