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Flower essences offer a wonderful way to heal and grow because they act as catalysts for change at a deep emotional level. There are many positive changes that can occur from using flower essences. Flower essences are an approach to healing  discovered by a medical doctor who saw, early on, what conventional medicine is finally recognizing. Namely, that there is a “mind/body connection and that the body, mind and emotions all play a part in our overall health. The use of healing flower essences is taking root firmly around the world.  Flower Essences are made in water and hold the energetic imprint of different plants to support different energetic conditions. They bring a positive vibrational assistance into the body and spirit of the clients.


Because flower essences work on an emotional level, we asses how you are feeling and your path in life. It will be a chance to get clarity on how you are, where you are and where you hope to be. In a sense a flower essence treatment is a life coach session where we work deeply to unblock your negative emotions and release your natural energy for your life.

I will tune in to you and also invite the energies of the flowers into the space to connect with the remedies that can help. Ellie Rose is a BFVEA Flower Essence Practioner, working with the whole person and the power of plants to support others to comfort, heal and grow. 


Take this opportunity to shine a light on your path and to achieve that which your heart seeks. 

A treatment session is a healing one-2-one where we discover what essences can most help you at this time, through a focused space of reflection and from this you we will find the essences right for you using a combination of techniques.


Techniques in a session may include EFT (emotional freedom technique) grounding meditation, visualisations, body & energy awareness for a deeper inner connection and talking and sharing your story, so that we can get to the heart of the matter and from here you will also receive a ​bespoke flower essence blend to continue with at home for your blossoming journey.

Sessions can be done online via zoom, in person or phone.

How do they work? 

Maybe we have been raised with the idea that if something is wrong, it must be eradicated or suppressed and there is a common language that says we fight against illness. 


To understand how flower essences work we must adjust our perspective a little, and look at health as a wholeness and balance of influences. There will always be stress and issues in life and thats ok. Rather than suppressing a negative quality, flower essences work by encouraging the positive aspects of our personalities. When we are restored to a natural peace, the negative symptoms  leave.


For example, the remedy Larch is given for lack of confidence or sense that we are 'not good enough' . When we take Larch, it works, not by fighting against these strong negative emotions but by cultivating within us the virtues of self support, encouragement and courage, in the presence of the energy of larch much of our vibration of self doubt simply melt away.

What to expect in a Flower Essence Consultation - more info here.

Already know what essence you want? Visit my shop and purchase ready made blends and individual essences.


  • Full treatment session 45mins - £50 in-person or online - add £5 postage for the essence to be sent. (1st sessions an 1.hrs 15 following sessions are 50 mins

  • Choose your own blend of 3 (£15 Including postage)

  • Quick 15 min consultation.  £25 (including postage) 

For purchasing pre-made blends or choosing your own head to the shop here.

Flower Essence and Coaching - The Path of Blossoming

A deeper dive 3 month process of self-care and development to empower you. Combining flower essences, guided coaching and spiritual support. We dive a bit deeper and take the time to set intentions and make lasting shifts. Supporting you with energetic clearing of learnt negative patterns in your energetic body. Supporting you with the placement of positive energies for the things you wish to create in your life. This journey is 3 months and includes x2 flower essence blends, weekly sessions, spiritual healing ritual and welcome and closing ceremonies and text contact . £590  over 3 months.

Get in touch to see if this is for you with a free courtesy call  simply contact us to arrange

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