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Balance Your Energies

Ellie Rose is a BFVEA Flower Essence Practioner, working with the whole person and the power of plants to support others to comfort, heal and grow. 

Take this opportunity to shine a light on your path and to achieve that which your heart seeks. 

A session is a healing one-2-one and you will be sent a follow up bespoke flower essence blend. We will find the essences right for you using a combination of techniques.

Techniques in a session may include EFT (emotional freedom technique) grounding meditation, visualisations, body & energy awareness for a deeper inner connection and talking and sharing your story, so that we can get to the heart of the matter.  ​


One off session - £60 (1hr)

Multiple sessions (block of 4) £200

Sessions can be done online via zoom, in person or phone.

We recommend starting with four sessions.  4 sessions when booked at once discount - £200

A free 10 min phone consultation is available. simply contact us to arrange

What to expect in a Flower Essence Consultation - more info here.