Balance Your Energies

In a safe space you will be invited to connect deeply to that which stirs within you. This is a space to listen to yourself and nourish. Together we will create an bespoke essence to support your intentions.

Take this opportunity to shine a light on your path and to achieve that which your heart seeks. 

Those who do well in life, know they cannot do it alone - so come and sit by my side and receive the support of the plant teachers. 

A consultation is an invitation to explore your feelings, intentions, hopes, shadows, to release blocks that may be keeping you stuck in particular patterns. A bespoke flower essence will support you to blossom and know yourself in a loving way. We will find the essences right for you using a combination of techniques.

Techniques in a session may include grounding meditation, visualisations, body & energy awareness for a deeper inner connection and talking and sharing your story, so that we can get to the heart of the matter.  A session is built on a relationship of trust,  respect and safety.

The session is very unique to each person and you will receive a bespoke flower essence fine tuned to you to take away and continue with as you integrate healing into your daily life.

In summary, a healing flower essence consultation can support your journey of self-awareness, tune you into your life force and creativity, support you at difficult times and bring you into balance with your life goals and needs.

Flower essence sessions will get to the heart of what needs support. 

​The change starts with you and a one-to-one session is an investment in your self discovery and positive growth.


45 hour session is £45 - £65

1.5 hr - £65 - £85

(first session is longer for an initial deeper consultation)

Sessions can be done online via zoom, in person or phone.

(Add £4 p&p for the remedy to be sent to you if done at distance).

We recommend starting with four sessions.  4 sessions when booked at once discount - £200

A free 20 min phone consultation is available. simply contact us to arrange

What to expect in a Flower Essence Consultation - more info here.


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