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Sacred Woman Sacred Rose

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

I write this blog, with Valentines day just around the corner. A lovely chance to celebrate our love and connections with a partner. A day to reflect on what love we have or would like to have in our lives. But really the truth is - that the Earth loves us very much. And the Earth urges us to look after ourselves and to love ourselves. When we love and appreciate ourselves, we can clear our view, we can know our nature and love nature, then we can value our selves and hear the music of life.

This is not always an easy process. But that is what our work is. To start a process, feel and clear, notice the whispers of the flowers. Notice being in our bodies. relax and regulate our nervous system.

The Rose is the medicine that can support this loving journey. As a plant Rose teaches us both softness, opening like the beauty of her blossoms and the strength and power of thorns. The aroma of a Rose is the aroma of love. Plants were the first medicines used by human beings to stay well, to evolve, to support the journey of a physical life.

When it comes to symbolic plants there are few more significant than the Rose. Throughout cultures and eras, she is representative of the divine feminine. She accompanies the goddesses - the stories tell us she is born from Venus and Aphrodite. That she is the bloom that rises in the footsteps of Aphrodite , when the goddess arrived from the sea foam to Earth. Originally white - the rose became red from the drops of blood of the wounded. The Rose understands grief and human love, the Rose is the emblem of great love and of great loss and she is the medicine to soothe the heart.

The fragrant rose is the flower of Venus ,the first roses were 5 pointed and wild. Rose is the shape that the planet Venus paints in the heavens as it orbits the Earth. Every 8 years Venus' orbit creates a 5 pointed rose in the sky. Venus is related to the pentagram, the number 5 and the heart chakra - Venus is the planet of feeling and represents the qualities we associate with the soul of the sensual feminine. Compassion, grace and sensitivity - this celestial power runs through Rose medicine. These aspects are also the qualities of the feminine part of the male psyche.

Today the energy of Roses is a strong as always, and in fact growing in awareness, as people adopt the Rose as an ally and support in the journey of reclaiming ones own self-love, true feelings, boundaries and beauty expressed. Life is such a precious gift - and the Rose has many teachings to support us. It is time to regain an understanding of how we tend to our energy, heal, clear old wounds and make peace with the feminine / masculine balance within. To become like a living Rose is to welcome sacred union with the divine self.

Rose is the associated flower of Mary Magdalene, whose voice and words were hidden, twisted or silenced for a long time - cut out of history, tainted by religion. Mary Magdalene holds profound spiritual teachings, and today we reclaim the feminine powers so that there can be a weaving of harmony with the inner masculine and the inner feminine in life, in a good way. The Rose reminds us that this is always possible and she is blooming - asking us to wake up and smell the perfume.

A celestial energy that runs through all the plants also runs in humans. If we choose to tune in we can learn a lot from plants. Rose can help lead us into the temple of the heart and to see from those eyes within. She reminds us that the feminine power is not meek - in fact that this Love is strong and enduring.

Drink Rose tea, wear Rose oil, eat Roses, paint Roses, meditate with Roses, enjoy a Rose flower essence, seek the sanctuary of the self with Rose as a companion. Lets the Rose bless you on Valentines day and every day.

All blessings x

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