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Reflexology is a gentle, non-invasive therapy that encourages the body to balance and heal itself.  Reflexology is a complementary therapy based on the theory that different points on the feet, face, hands or ears relate to different parts of the body. The reflexologist uses their hands, fingers and knuckles to work these reflexes to encourage the mind and body to relax and therein improve wellbeing. There are thousands of nerve endings terminating in the feet connected to all the glands, organs and muscles within the body. Reflexology has a host of benefits for both body and mind, and my training incorporates Traditional Chinese medicine and the five elements  to support clients within an holistic framework that has thousands of years of development behind it.

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Similar to acupuncture, reflexology works on balancing the energy of the body through activating reflex points on the feet. A deeply relaxing complementary therapy, reflexology works on balancing the energy of the whole body. Gently relieving you of those stresses and anxieties that can build up daily. It is popular and used to support many health conditions and supports general health, and is recommended even just to maintain and keep yourself feeling good.

- Stimulates nerve supply and nerve energy to body enhancing energy and vitality.

 -Promotes homeostasis and aids the stress response.

- We assess imbalances in a person as a whole and help a person’s own healing energy resolve imbalances and health conditions.

- Assists to balance energy field, and as such helps release trauma in the body and free up energy flow for more vitality and joy and assist alongside other modalities in a period of healing and change.

Reflexology is not used to diagnose medical conditions and does not take the place of medical advice. It aims to help you achieve and maintain good health, and is a non-intrusive therapy which can be used on everyone, young or old. The gentle pressure and massage of selective areas of the feet helps to release tension and encourages you to relax. It also promotes good blood circulation and nerve responses which help the body to return to a normal balanced state.​


Such holistic or whole-body therapies often help people to cope with, and improve, many stress-related problems for eg: sleeping disorders, digestive & bowel disorders, feelings of anxiety, stress and depression, headaches, muscular & joint pains, fatigue, pregnancy & fertility issues, menstrual problems.

Please note there are some reasons why you would not be able to have reflexology:

  • 1st Trimester of pregnancy

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis

  • Flight in next/previous 24 hours

  • Localised inflammation/infection

  • Infectious disease

  • Other potential reasons, such as when you are undergoing imminent medical tests (next 48 hours) and treatment, although this may be temporary, for example when tests are imminent or medication is new. It is not a diagnosis or replacement for medical care.

As a reflexologist I enjoy reading about the many scientific studies showing the benefits of this therapy. Please click here for NHS evidence including the benefits for breast cancer, fatigue, pain management, back pain, menopause, labour preparation, stress, PMS & anxiety and click here for the AoR Migraine Study.

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