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Immerse yourself in the healing energy of Rose medicine. Enjoy a Mexican flower 'limpia', a cleanse.  'Limpias' are a time - honoured way to cleanse and renew the Spirit with flowers and in this treatment we will work with the energy of roses specifically to support your life. This healing treatment can be added to any reflexology treatment or stand alone session to make you feel loved, nourished, held and tended to in your hour of need or simply for the joy of experiencing deep relaxation with roses.

Combining a Rose tea, elixir and aura cleanse with a plant spirit journey you will receive the energies of rose. Rose is a medicine for our times to support and nourish. 


A deep dive healing ritual just for you.



Roses are one of the hardiest plants on Earth, fossils indicate they could be 30 million years old. Their benefits are countless when it comes to the skin, health, nutrition, etc, but did you know that they are also incredible spiritual and energetic medicine?

During a Rose Healing Ceremony we work with the spirit and energy of the Rose, and you will need to bring with you a bunch of Roses, that will be used in the healing. These will be used both to lay on the body and some will be used in a ritual bath ( feet only). You will also have time before and after to share your intentions and integrate the experience. 

Pre- and post healing there will be an invitation to consider your intentions, record and reflect on your connection to the Rose and any insights that come through. 


Anyone. This is nurturing. ​ The Roses can't make it all better - but they can deeply support you on the journey. People experience huge shifts in energy, outlook and clearing. Rose medicine really supports the nervous system to relax and can bring great comfort to the heart. They are recommended fo rthose on a journey of self- love, self esteem and worthiness, bringing a sense of self honouring. 

Rose medicine is highly beneficial to support you in times of emotions of the heart- it could be a break up, a loss of some kind or grief that needs the deep tending of Roses. 

But it can also be that you want to just enjoy a new experience with the plant spirit of Roses - Maybe you feel you want some support to step into a new phase your life?

Looking to empower themselves a rose ceremony can help you unstick yourself and connect with your own definitions and feelings.  

Ideal for anyone who wants to set their own healing intentions and this healing ceremony can support that.


Discover for yourself - just come to enjoy.

Nurture, restore and receive rose love. 

Get in touch to learn more or book a session.

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