Plant essences, elixirs and healing tools available to buy.

Awen Healing Arts creates a range of potent, small batch and lovingly made elixirs and flower essences, as well a a range of tools for healing. Signature potion is the Nectar of the Goddess - Hawthorn Heart Elixir &

Nectar of the Goddess- Lovers and Dancers Cacao Medicine Elixir....

Flower Essence Blends

- Vibrant Queen

- Sacred Path

- Grounded

- Awen Shimmering Soul

Individual Flower Essences as well Include: Rose, Peyote, Tobacco, Dandelion, Apple, St Johns Wort, White Cherry Blossom, Lilac, Mimosa and more... all available - click here.


Shop is currently hosted by Etsy but you can also drop us a message here to make a direct order. 


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