What are they, how do they work?  What to expect in a flower essence session. 

What Are Flower Essences?

Throughout history, flowers have always been important healers from the botanical kingdom.  They are used in many traditions across the world, by shamans, healers, herbalists and anyone who feels the call.  The blossoming flowers of the plant holds life force and high frequency of that plants energy. The Awen and spark of life is in each plant being. 

Using water and sunlight, the essence of the flower is imprinted into a remedy, that can be stored and used for healing. 

This healing energy of nature holds particular qualities, depending on the which plant flower it is. By ingesting this remedy or applying it topically to the bodies energy meridians or chakras, the healing qualities of that plant work as an allies to support the human energy field into a natural healthy flow. 

They do not effect the mind, in an altering way and it is not the body of the plant you ingest. Rather flower essences work on the emotional and subtle energy , and are a catalyst for inner healing and change.

How Do they Work?

You should take an essence at least twice a day, and more if possible, the essence remedy holds the vibration signature of the plant and this energetic pattern is then imprinted and invited into your energy field. Using essences intentionally , bringing with it the insights, supporting your shifts in consciousness and the potential of balancing your energy body to a positive vibration.

It is the combination of subtle energies, with the focused intention of your heart and mind that can create profound shifts. They often allow you to meet unconscious layers of awareness and 'unpeel' layers of conditioning, clearing your energy blocks and bringing you into a journey of discovering the 'you' underneath. Flower essences encourage you to communicate with the inner life of your thoughts, your feelings and your soul. The intention is to moving through stuck energy and into equilibrium with your natural, balanced self. 

Bach flower remedies are safe, non toxic and have no side effects. They are a complimentary therapy and can be used with other therapies as well as conventional medicine.

To take a remedy it is suggested to take 7 drops of your remedy bottle at least twice a day. You may put the drops directly onto your tongue (taking care not to touch the dropper with you tongue) or you can put the drops into drinks. It is recommended you take drops in the morning, drops before bed and the other drops during the day.

For advice and guidance on the remedies please contact me.

What to Expect in a Flower Essence Consultation

Flower essences respond to core emotions. Whatever you are working with we will find a bespoke flower essence combination to support you in that journey.

Consultations can be done in person, online or over the phone.

A session takes 1 hour.  Throughout this time you will be held and have the opportunity to share how you are, you will be witnessed and supported in this journey and a bespoke flower essence blend will be created to meet your needs and support your energy.

The whole session is an energy healing in itself, and will include the option of short guided meditation and grounding to help you deepen and connect. You will have the essence sent to you in the post for you to continue the work and healing daily with a bespoke blend created for your needs.   

The essence will be mixed with spring water in a dropper bottle, it will last two weeks in the fridge. OR if you prefer can be mixed with bandy or vinegar and then will last for many months. 

Disclaimer Flower remedy essences are not medicinal but harmless plant extracts which are used to support health. Flower remedies are not intended in any way as a substitute for qualified medical advice.


A one-to-one healing flower essence consultation is an investment in your well being and a step towards balance. It is stepping into sacred space where you are held and can acknowledge your hopes and dreams and needs. Discover what may be the barriers to reaching these and work to unblock the energy or the issues that may be holding you back.

Sometimes people come for healing to rest and restore and recharge, some come to evolve, deepen self-love and heal past wounds. Some come to charge up their hopes and dreams and to empower a sense of purpose and vision.

Not sure if a flower essence consultation is for you?

That's totally fine and natural to want to investigate further to know more. So please feel free to get in touch. No obligation, just an invitation to connect. 

Feel free to get in touch, with no obligation - Ellie offers free 15-minute consultations over the phone to discuss your needs and to explore if this treatment would be helpful for you.