Awen Healing Arts offer a range of healing services including; one-to-one healing consultations, flower essences, ceremony & community workshops.

Awen Healing Arts offers sacred space, a place of healing where you are held and can acknowledge the beauty of who you truly are. Discover what may be stirring in your depths and receive the inner guidance you need to grow and connect with your inner power.


Flower Essences Consultations

Empowered Healing Session

Ceremony and Ritual

Plant Based Remedies

​Consultations can be done in person, online or over the phone.

Connect - Feel free to get in touch, with no obligation - it's really helpful to have a chat with Ellie, for a free 20 minute consultations over the phone to discuss your needs and to explore if this treatment would be helpful for you, fill out the contact form with your name and details we will schedule a time. 



Balance Your Energies

The change starts with you and a one-to-one healing session is an investment in yourself, as you will discuss your hopes and dreams and needs. Discover what are the barriers to reaching these and work to unblock the energy or the issues that may be holding you back and find where you need loving support.

A healing flower essence consultation can support your journey of self-awareness, plug into your life force and creativity and support you at difficult times, and bring you into balance with your life goals and needs. Flower essences sessions will get to the heart of what needs support and include EFT energetic balancing and a take away bespoke person flower essence blend.

You will receive a bespoke essence to take away and continue with as you integrate healing into your daily life.



Balance and Connect

Empowered by Nature healing sessions work with Earth based spiritual practices. Depending on the personal intentions we will use healing tools, such as sacred song, soul retrieval, 'limpias' ( aura cleansing), work with dreams, animals guides, deep guided meditation, connecting with the body wisdom, energy connection, drum journeying and connecting with the Land and Spirit. Working with the teachings of the Medicine Wheel, as a tool of self discovery, we will discover how to balance your relationship with the energies of the Earth. These sessions combine personal discovery with ancient wisdom ways in order to nourish your spirit and your connection to the AWEN – spark of life



Gifts from the Plant Kingdom

High-quality flower essences, made in small batches working ceremonially with the Plant spirit are available and will be advertised from time to time to buy in the shop, complete with detailed descriptions and guidance for their use. Find out more about flower essences here.

Incredibly high quality, small batch production of tasty plant elixirs, using many wildcrafted and organic plants, blended with honey and vibrational flower essences. AWEN elixirs are made seasonally and in ceremony and they come with full guidance and advice on how to enjoy them. They will be advertised here from time to time, but be quick as each batch is one-off and they sell fast!



Balance Your Energies - Give Thanks to the Earth

Personal ceremony is a powerful way to build good relationships with the natural world, strengthen your spirit, heal, connect to phases of the Earth and mark different stages of your own life. Ceremonies include- 'marriage' blessings, baby namings, new mother/baby blessings, grief and honouring big experiences, asking for vision and guidance, develop a relationship with the Land, blessing a new home, birthdays, giving thanks, and ancestral honouring. You will be supported by an experienced ceremonialist who will work with you to offer a ceremony held especially for you. Donation-based contribution.

Community ceremonies will be listed in events. Ceremony is our way to connect to the seasons of the year, to listen to the wisdom of the Fire, the Water the Earth, the Plants, the way to feed Spirit, talk to the non-human world and honour all things.


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