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Awen Healing offers reflexology, abdominal therapy, bodywork, flower essences, sacred healing rituals and nature connection to help bring you back to yourself.

It is time to feel good and restore. 

You know that wellbeing is an important part of life. Taking care of your health is not a trend or an add-on, it is how you feel and who you are.  Giving time to meet your wellbeing needs, will bring out the best in you.

Awen Healings aim is to support you on your journey of a conscious, healthy life.  




A deeply relaxing complementary therapy, Reflexology works on balancing the energy of the whole body through reflex points on the feet.  Gently relieving you of those stresses and anxieties that can build up daily. It is popular and used to support many health conditions and supports general health. Reflexology has a host of benefits for both body and mind, and my training incorporates Traditional Chinese medicine and the five elements  to support clients within an holistic framework that has thousands of years of development behind it.

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Spiritual Healing

Energy healing with sacred water ritual is a way of bringing balance through the power of nature and spirit. With a full consultation process a spiritual healing is used to help many conditions and emotional states. Connecting to ancient wisdom, you will receive a powerful and personal ritual. In this simple yet profound process,  you will receive an energy cleanse with flowers and water to bathe feet or body, prepared in a special way to energise the intention of healing. Honour yourself in a beautiful experience designed to bring mind and spirit into better balance and bring you in connection with your power and life-force.

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Abdominal Therapy

A nurturing massage with profound therapeutic benefits. From digestive troubles, painful periods, fertility support, pelvic and prostate problems, to relief from anxiety, abdominal therapy may be quite effective and powerful for you. Includes massage and energy healing to support the body and the position and health of pelvic and abdominal organs, to improve function of reproduction and digestion, to release physical and emotional congestion, to bring about better circulation , nerve supply, lymph and energy (Chi/Chu'lel) flow.


Acupressure Facials 

This facial is a wonderful way to rejuvenate the face, bringing  flow to brighten your skin and your spirit. Working with an acupressure map of the face this is a facial that is as much about pampering as it is grounding and balancing. Combining energy techniques that will clear the energy field so you will feel beautiful from the inside and out. 

While receiving an acupressure facial we will call in positive energies to your being and there are many possibilities to discover what stresses can be released. What if you could dissipate everything you have judged about your face and love it instead?  Coming soon..

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Flower Essences

Flower essences are infused with the energy of wild flowers and trees, and have positive effect on the human energy field. Flower essences can help shift a whole range of emotional states and behaviours, support you with changes and bring support and personal transformation.

Whether you are in need of emotional support or ready for a new lease of life, discover how our flower essences can enhance your life. These  guided sessions are coaching with added flower wisdom.

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Earth Medicine 

Earth medicine takes many forms. Awen Healing offers a variety of courses, workshops, ceremonies and treatments that connects to the spirit of nature, for wisdom, health and balance.

Following many years training in ceremonial ways – please get in touch if you would like to experience a personal ceremony , fire vigil, plant sprit ceremony or grief ceremony. Guided journeys, trainings and ceremonies are created bespoke for those who wish to deepen their relationship with all relations in the natural world and ancestral wisdom. More info here. 


  • Studies suggest that 75% of modern diseases have an stress-related background. Chronic stress can lower the body’s own immune system or upset body system balance, which creates a range of symptoms.. 

  • In some cases the nervous system has long term patterns developed in response to stress or trauma, the body holds stories and memory and body work can help release these stresses held in the body.  

  • Everyone is confronted with stressful & emotional situations. A course of reflexology, abdominal therapy and energy healing can help you to ease modern stresses and support you in life from the inside out.

  • People with no specific complaints will benefit from regular treatments to keep bodily functions toned and supported.


Feel free to get in touch with any questions.

"Hello, I'm Ellie Rose. 


I'm passionate about supporting peoples health and wellbeing. I use holistic healing techniques that treat the individual as a whole in order to encourage a state of balance and harmony in body, mind and spirit.  I offer a deep holding space, I bring safety and compassion, and a place to receive the wisdom of spirit and your own deep knowing.

I love to work with clients who appreciate extra support and who are finding ways to grow, heal and connect to themselves. If it's a top up of anti-stress support to help you feel good, or a deeper journey of health support  or emotional healing to support the best version of you, get in touch.  The energy and body work I offer supports the nervous system, encouraging balance and in this way will support the release of past wounding to help you come into balance. May we walk in beauty."


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One to One Healing Treatments

We work together to look at your current situation and identify a treatment plan which suits your needs. 

A healing aims to treat the individual as a whole in order to support a natural state of balance and harmony in body, mind and spirit.  

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Eco -Therapy Coaching 

Connect to your Life with Nature as your Teacher. Through connection to the Land, seasons, cycles and medicine wheel, to walk the beauty way, guided by your own sense of aliveness and inter-connected with the web of life. 

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The Path of Blossoming

Flower Essence and Coaching - A deeper dive 3 month process of self-care to empower you. Combining flower essences, guided coaching and spiritual support. We dive a bit deeper and take the time to set intentions and make really positive lasting shifts. 

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The Rose School 

An online journey for Women where you will be held in a sacred space with the Rose Altar. Discover wisdom of the Rose and how to apply it to lifes, through practices such as movement , sound, journeying with the drum, meditation, intentions, ritual and Earth medicine.


'AWEN' is a Welsh word indicating poetic inspiration. AW means flowing and WEN is spirit. A term understood in many cultures and by many names. (Chi in Chinese medicine ‘prana’ in Ayurvedic Medicine or ‘Awen' in Welsh, Chu'lel in Mayan, Kupuri in Wixarika).


Awen healing aims to treat the individual as a whole in order to support a natural state of balance and harmony in body, mind and spirit.

Image by Ray Hennessy

A space for you to receive. 


Did you know a healing treatment can help restore homeostasis and balance in the system, by encouraging the bodies life force energy to flow and support healthy inner-balance.

Relax. Rebalance. Heal

Awen Healing is run by Ellie Rose, a flower essence therapist, reflexologist and ceremonialist. Qualified in Arvigo® Spiritual Healing and many more things, for a full list check outage about page.

Based in the UK and work in person from Pilton Somerset, or can arrange home visits and online treatments for flower essences and Arvigo Healing. 

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