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Therapies to support your natural health and wellbeing



Awen Healing is run by Ellie Rose and provides a natural approach to wellbeing and healthy balance.​​

Ellie is a qualified reflexologist, flower essence therapist, facilitator, life coach and ceremonialist. Ellie is qualified in Arvigo® Spiritual Healing and training in Maya abdominal massage, and brings many skills to support your healing journey. Awen Healing offers a space for people to be held and nourished.

A healing treatment can help restore homeostasis and balance in the system, encouraging the bodies healthy life force energy to flow and improve many conditions and increase healthy inner-balance.

For full details of how these treatments can help please select a treatment listed on the right - and if you have any questions please get in touch.

Available Treatments
  • Reflexology

  • Flower Essence Counselling

  • Eco - therapy

  • Rose Healing

  • Arvigo® Spiritual Healing

  • Ceremony



What ever your needs and motivation - Awen healing treatments offer a way to support your health and wellbeing.

Treatments can really help your health in a holistic way taking into account your mind, body and spirit - and encouraging your system into natural balance. 


One precious life - it is time to care for your mind, body and spirit to be all you came here to be. 

The combination of skills and tools on offer at Awen Healing can support healing of many conditions. alleviate and assist healing of physical conditions and complaints,  especially stress related,  fatigue and burn out. Reflexology can support recovery from a range of issues including physical complaints and issues  relating to emotional challenges such as shock, depression, grief, trauma.


Combining physical support of Reflexology, with the emotional and spiritual support of the flower essences and spiritual healing practice, we can find ways to bring a positive hope back to your story. Working with flower essences is particularly helpful to support you build a life you love and assists to build confidence, empower hopes and dreams and support new healthier patterns physically and mentally.  Arvigo spiritual healing is very effective to heal spiritual issues such as pain from past relationships, ancestral healing, recovering from set backs, cleansing a home space and cleansing your self of problematic or unhelpful energies, and assists in a multitude of ways to invite natural balance and clear negative conditions that are causing upsets or inbalance. 


There are many applications and you are welcome to contact me and for free chat about what you need.  

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'AWEN' is a Welsh word indicating poetic inspiration. AW means flowing and WEN is spirit. A term understood in many cultures, and by many names. (Chi in Chinese medicine ‘prana’ in Ayurvedic Medicine or ‘Awen' in Welsh, Chu'lel in Mayan).  Awen healing  aims to treat the individual as a whole in order to support a natural state of balance and harmony in body, mind and spirit. 


"Welcome to Awen Healing, I'm Ellie Rose and I'm passionate about supporting peoples health and wellbeing. I use holistic healing techniques that aims to treat the individual as a whole in order to encourage a state of balance and harmony in body, mind and spirit.
A vast majority of us will need health and wellbeing support to deal with the stresses of day to day life. Taking care of ourselves and finding a way to tend to our life with love and follow our dreams is so crucial. I'm here for that in my own life and i'm here to support you with that. In this precious life - it is important to feed your mind, body and spirit to be all you came here to be. On this journey of life we
learn so many things and with the ups and the downs I believe that supporting our health is essential -"