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Awen Healing is run by Ellie Rose and provides a holistic approach to wellbeing and health.  

Ellie is a qualified flower essence therapist, facilitator, reflexologist and ceremonialist. Ellie is qualified in Arvigo® Spiritual Healing and offers a range of treatments. 

A healing treatment can help restore homeostasis and balance in the system, encouraging the bodies healthy life force energy to flow and improve many conditions and increase healthy inner-balance.

I am based the UK and work in person from Pilton Somerset, or can arrange home visits.


I also offer online treatments for flower essences and Arvigo Healing. 

A treatment with Awen Healing can help you in so many ways - help is at hand




Whatever your needs and motivation - Awen Healing treatments support you in a holistic way taking into account your mind, body and spirit to encourage your system into natural balance. The healing process encourages you to develop an understanding of what you need to maintain healthy balance and how to you nurture your hopes and dreams in this challenging and beautiful life.

One precious life and it is time to care for your mind, body and spirit and discover all you came here to be. 

The combination of skills and tools on offer at Awen Healing can assist many conditions and alleviate many physical conditions and complaints,  especially stress related,  fatigue and burn out, hormonal balance and emotional balance.


There are many applications and you are welcome to contact me for a chat about what you need.  


Feel free to get in touch with any questions.

Welcome to Awen Healing 

"I'm Ellie Rose and I'm passionate about supporting peoples health and wellbeing. I use holistic healing techniques that aims to treat the individual as a whole in order to encourage a state of balance and harmony in body, mind and spirit. A vast majority of us will need health and wellbeing support to deal with the stresses of day to day life.

Taking care of ourselves and finding a way to tend to our life with love and follow our dreams is so crucial. I'm here for that in my own life and i'm here to support you with that. On this journey of life we learn so many things and with the ups and the downs I believe that supporting our health is essential."

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As well as one to one treatments, I have created a range of 1- to-1 or group programmes and workshops designed to enrich your journey and unlock your potential. I love sharing them and we hope you will enjoy them too.

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One to One Healing Treatments

We work together to look at your current situation and identify a treatment plan which suits your needs. 

A healing aims to treat the individual as a whole in order to support a natural state of balance and harmony in body, mind and spirit.  

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Eco -Therapy Coaching 

Connect to your Life with Nature as your Teacher. Through connection to the Land, seasons, cycles and medicine wheel, to walk the beauty way, guided by your own sense of aliveness and inter-connected with the web of life. 

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The Path of Blossoming

Flower Essence and Coaching - A deeper dive 3 month process of self-care to empower you. Combining flower essences, guided coaching and spiritual support. We dive a bit deeper and take the time to set intentions and make really positive lasting shifts. 

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The Rose School 

An online journey for Women where you will be held in a sacred space with the Rose Altar. Discover wisdom of the Rose and how to apply it to lifes, through practices such as movement , sound, journeying with the drum, meditation, intentions, ritual and Earth medicine.


Like acupuncture, reflexology works on balancing the energy meridians of the body through activating reflex points on the feet. 

- Stimulates nerve supply and nerve energy to body enhancing energy and vitality.

 -Promotes homeostasis and aids the stress response.

- Supports holistically to help a person’s own healing energy resolve imbalances and health conditions.

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'AWEN' is a Welsh word indicating poetic inspiration. AW means flowing and WEN is spirit. A term understood in many cultures, and by many names. (Chi in Chinese medicine ‘prana’ in Ayurvedic Medicine or ‘Awen' in Welsh, Chu'lel in Mayan).  Awen healing  aims to treat the individual as a whole in order to support a natural state of balance and harmony in body, mind and spirit. 

A space for you to receive.