Flower Essence Practitioner, EFT Practitioner (emotional freedom technique), Sacred Pathways Coach, Ceremonialist & Storyteller


Ellie is very fortunate to have had traditional training as an apprentice to Elder & medicine woman Annie Spencer. Having completed a 5-year apprenticeship in the art of ceremony with Annie. Ellie is faculty member with Hartwell - Healing Through a Return to the Land.  http://www.hartwell.eu.com/

BFVEA Flower Essence Practioner, working with the whole person and the power of plants to comfort, heal and grow.

EFT - Emotional freedom technique - tapping and working with body and energy meridians to support balance, healing and resolve trauma. 

Ellie spent 5 years learning at Bolads Kitchen, the school of Martín Prechtel in New Mexico. This has deeply nourished Ellie's being and informs her love of story, ritual and feeding the Holy 


Coaching - Life Coach Certification from Transformation Academy. Helping others find life purpose, self- love and grounded spiritual direction aligned with Earth wisdom. Ellie has a deep personal passion for discovering the spirituality of the Earth and weaves this in to her Sacred Pathways Coaching programmes.

VITA™ Woman Sacred Sexuality -  Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. Ellie joined this programme for 8 months, learning Tantric principles, discovering transformative tools of breathwork, ancient approaches to sacred sexuality, somatics and trauma release to heal the feminine and empower through a reconnection to pleasure.

Ellie has also studied  'curanderismo' traditional healing practices from Mexico. Working with the body, spirit and plants to tend to human need to be well. 


With humility Ellie seeks to create ceremonies of beauty that resonate in the heart.  In times of broken lineage, we are all shoots on old roots. Where our indigenous connections have been cut we seek a way to bring our self into good relationship with the Earth. Ellie’s passion is for creating healing ceremonies for the Earth and people.  Ellie offers ceremonies to mark the moments of life that are close to the heart and to give thanks to the Earth.

Many influences inspire, inform and remind us what it is to be on a path of beauty. Ellie has been on a lifelong journey of learning about the spiritual power of nature and she is in service to the depth and love of her teachers. 

Ellie is a registered practitioner with the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association.

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